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Donation Requests

Community involvement is, and will continue to be, a top priority for Saint Louis FC. In order for us to better serve the St. Louis metro area, we aim to build positive relationships with as many local organizations as possible.

In its first months of existence, Saint Louis FC has made every effort to be an active presence in the community, working with youth soccer clubs, schools, non-profit organizations, and local businesses to build a club that serves as many groups as possible. Not only does St. Louis have a rich soccer history, it’s also a city that emphasizes community service on a year-round basis. Saint Louis FC shares the same outlook, and is eager to do its part by considering donation requests for memorabilia, merchandise, and tickets.

Making A Request

In the interest of fairness to all organizations that seek to work with Saint Louis FC, a streamlined donation policy has been developed. While we wish we could fulfill each and every request submitted to us, the large volume of such inquiries forces us to be selective when allocating our resources. Unfortunately, this means all requests cannot be fulfilled. Moreover, as we are devoted to serving our local community, organizations within the St. Louis metro area will take precedence.

Monetary or Sponsorship Requests

Saint Louis FC will consider grant, monetary or sponsorship requests on a case-by-case basis.

Limit on Requests

Only one request per organization can be made each calendar year.

Submission Criteria

There are two fundamental parameters for all donation requests: 1) Via the online request form below (phone calls and emails may be answered, but completing the online form is always required); 2) with a Tax ID number included. Once again, please be advised that a sent request does NOT ensure your organization will receive a donation.


Saint Louis FC will contact each organization that has submitted a donation request. At least three weeks should be allowed for the purposes of processing. While we appreciate the interest, we ask that you refrain from contacting us by phone or email in regards to your submission due to the high volume of requests received.

All decisions concerning donations made by Saint Louis FC are final.

​With the above guidelines in mind, please fill out the following Donation Request Form completely and accurately; any incomplete requests will result in possible delay of the receipt or fulfillment of the request and decrease the likelihood of the request being confirmed.

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Q: Does Saint Louis FC accept donation requests via email?
A: Due to high demand, only donation requests submitted through the online form will be considered.
​Q: How will I know my request was received?
A: A confirmation email will be sent via email following the request submission.

Donation Request Form

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